Mark Pease (MFA '03) showing at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis

Mark Pease's, 3D animation “Galleria” will be part of the group exhibition “Americana” at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, opening Friday, June 20th.  
Opening reception: June 20th, 7-11pm 
Exhibition Runs: Jun 20 - Aug 17, 2014

The Soap Factory presents “Americana", a group exhibition featuring the work of 9 emerging artists from across North America. Curated by Executive Director Ben Heywood, Americana features drawing, sculpture, video and installation work.
All the work proposed for this show approaches ways of understanding 'America' and the 'American Experience' through work that directly examines the political aspects of various forms of American society, work that mirrors the transformation of culture through the lens of 'America', or more open poetic re-orgnisations of 'American' tropes. The Soap Factory itself, a 130 year old relic of the conquest, subjugation and industrialization of a continent, is an artifact of the nostalgia, evoked by ‘Americana’, so it is entirely appropriate that its decayed architecture be a setting, a container, for such ideas.
Mark’s piece, “Galleria” is a 25-minute, 3D animation depicting the exterior surfaces of a modern shopping mall recorded by a weightless camera as it slowly traverses its contours and enclosures.
The CGI rendering of the mall parallels its artificiality but also furthers the artificiality by removing imperfections and variation, resulting in a depiction that has a crystal-like clarity. By presenting this at an extremely slow speed, the viewer is confronted with a hyper-synthetic representation of light, shadow, and space. 
More info can be found at http://soapfactory.org/ and also http://www.markpease.com/galleria/

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