Chloe Isadora Reison and Mary Valverde (MFA '12 candidates) in Exhibition at the Morgan Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Opening April 8th, 6pm

In "Deliberate Enigmas", Chloe Isadora Reison and Mary Valverde (MFA '12 candidates) present their individual sculptural works, as well as a collaborative performance piece, to take place the night of the opening. Both Reison and Valverde are interested in material culture, consumption and excess. They execute their respective work quite differently from one another, though each artist approaches their practice with a similar and curious sense of exploration, and a dedication to formalism. Their goal in showing together is to perpetuate the influence and inspiration the two artists have taken from one another, as well as to see what dialogue may arise in the joining of their work. Reison and Valverde see this as the start of a conversation that they hope to continue throughout their careers.

Opening Reception: Friday April 8th, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Performance Time: 7:00pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday, April 8th - Friday, April 15th

Morgan Gallery
Department of Fine Arts
University of Pennsylvania
205 S 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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