Kim Brickley (MFA '09) and Sarah Zimmer (MFA '08) create light installation for new project by the Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia

Kim Brickley (MFA '09) and Sarah Zimmer (MFA '08) contribute to a new project by the Mural Arts Program, in conjunction with the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association. The project plans to bring a more permanent light installation to the city. The Spring Garden Gateway Project is an interactive light installation created by Brickley and Zimmer, which hopes to cover the I-95 underpass at Second and Spring Garden Streets with Lightwild Pixel LED lights and motion sensors to “transform the space into an interactive environment that pulses with light and movement.”

People, bikes and cars would all activate motion sensors, which (depending on the speed and position of said commuters) would activate pixels varying in color and brightness. The display would be ever-changing and depend entirely on the commotion of the city around it. Michael Sebright is the architectural consultant on the job, Adam Rokhsar of Harvestworks is the interactive programmer and Billy Hodges of Illuminations is the lighting consultant on the project.

To learn more about this project, visit http://nakedphilly.com/northern-liberties/the-spring-garden-gateway-project-an-interactive-light-installation-under-95/

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