Penn Alumni at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Promoting Gallery for Funding Support

Tiger Strikes Asteroid has been home to 25 exhibitions since it began in 2009. These include solo shows of its member artists and group and solo exhibits from local and national non-members as well. Our goal is to connect the Philadelphia art community with the National and International community by exhibiting a diverse array of exhibits and other programs.
In the coming months the gallery is also pleased to announce that it will move to a beautiful new space on the 2nd floor of the building it is currently in (319A North 11th Street). This will further plant the gallery in the vibrant community it has been apart of since it began and will increase opportunities for dialogue and conversation with other exhibition spaces and artist groups. In the coming months we will feature member exhibitions from Caroline Santa and Alex Paik, two person exhibitions from Amy Beecher and Susan Bricker, solo exhibitions from Tracy Thomason and Gerard Brown and an exhibit curated by Wallace Whitney, a New York based painter and part owner of the Lower East Side gallery, Canada.

With these coming exhibits comes increased costs. Tiger Strikes Asteroid is asking for funds to help with operating expenses, move related costs and other bills that may arise as we develop our gallery and programming.

Money donated to Tiger Strikes Asteroid will go to:
-The construction and renovations of our new gallery space.
-Shipping costs so we can bring artists from afar to our gallery.
-Equipment so we can expand the scope of our exhibits and programming.
-Costs associated with the development of a visiting speaker series.

Here is the link. Please donate today!


To learn more about Tiger Strikes Asteroid, visit http://www.tigerstrikesasteroid.com/

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